• download getting started Google Play Store android App Store apple registration user account Getting Started with LMN Gro

    What is LMN Gro? LMN Gro is an all-in-one business management mobile app designed to help our landscape contractors Gro their business. Designed for landscapers on the go, Gro conveniently gives you the powe...

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  • Account Settings How to access your Account Settings

    How to access your Account Settings In the LMN Gro App, you will be able to set up the taxes applicable to your region, add members of your team under the staff button as well as set-up personal and company ...

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  • profile settings How to edit your Profile

    Editing your Profile Information (Personal or Company) Your profile settings will be pre-populated with the information you entered on the Gro app during the registration process. At any time you wish to cha...

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  • How to setup your Taxes

    Setting up your Taxes With Gro, you can customize your taxes with all of your applicable tax rates. Here’s how to set up your taxes on your profile: Click the Settings tab from the navigation pane and selec...

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  • How to add Staff (Users and Employees)

    Adding your Staff Getting your team set up is quick and easy with Gro. In the app, your Staff can either be categorized as Users or Employees. Adding Users Users are staff members who will be using the app a...

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  • LMN Pay online payments Merchant ID Payments How to setup your Online Payments

    Gro makes it easy and convenient for your customers to pay you which will save you the time and hassle of running around collecting payments and improve your overall cash flow. US-based contractors can use G...

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Estimates and Jobs


  • install scheduling How to Schedule an Install Job

    The scheduling feature allows for simple but powerful scheduling of your jobs and gives you access to view your workday at a glance. The scheduling feature will allow you to: Build daily, weekly & monthly r...

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  • gro recurring schedule schedule maintenance How to Schedule a Maintenance Job

    Scheduling recurring jobs such as mowing and other maintenance services is very similar to scheduling Install jobs. To create a recurring schedule follow the steps below: Select the Schedule button from the...

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  • schedule calendar crew schedule How to view Schedule Calendars

    On the Schedule screen, you will be able to see a calendar view of your scheduled services. To view the schedule screen, select Schedule from the navigation menu pane. Your schedule automatically defaults y...

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  • scheduling crew schedule crew assignments reassign jobs How to assign Jobs to your Crew

    Managing your crew's schedule is a breeze with LMN Gro. You can assign a job to an employee or crew lead by following the steps below: Hit the Schedule tab from the navigation pane. At the top of the Schedu...

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  • Reschedule jobs How to Reschedule your Jobs

    If you wish to reschedule any of your jobs in Gro, you can do so by following the steps below. On the Schedule screen, hit the green checkbox on the right-hand corner of the screen Tap on the Job(s) you wis...

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  • schedule reorder jobs How to Re-order Jobs

    Gro allows you to reorder your jobs using a drag and drop interface. To re-schedule your jobs Select Schedule from the Navigation Pane Land on the Schedule screen Long-tap on a job to activate the Reorder o...

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  • new timesheet How to create a new Timesheet

    With the GRO app, you can easily create timesheets without going through the hassle of manually keeping track and entering everyone's hours on paper! The timesheets feature will allow you to  Create fast ...

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  • approval timesheet view How to view and approve Timesheets

    To view and approve an existing timesheet: Select the Timesheets button from the navigation pane. Click on an existing timesheet On the Timesheet info. Screen, select the Status drop-down box  Click on Appr...

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  • timesheet copy How to copy your Timesheet for the next day

    With Gro you can quickly make a copy of your timesheet. The copy will appear in the Timesheet List and will be dated one day after the original timesheet. On the Timesheet Screen, tap on an existing timeshe...

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  • Report Export Timesheet How to create a Timesheet report

    With the Gro app, you can conveniently export your timesheets to create reports in Excel/ CSV files. Select Timesheets from the Navigation Pane On the Timesheet Screen, click on the downward arrow at the to...

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  • payments manual How to manually add Payments

    LMN Gro is set up to work with LMN Pay which conveniently offers customers the ability to make payments online. With Gro, you are able to have an accurate view of your payment information thus giving you bet...

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  • payment receipt send payment receipt How to send a Payment receipt

    Once you have received a payment from your customers, you can send them their payment receipt via email. To do this, follow the steps below: Select Payments from the Navigation Pane menu Tap on the three do...

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  • Refunds Payment How to issue a refund

    In Gro, you can issue a refund to your customers once they made the payment online. To do this, follow the steps below:  Select Payments from the Navigation Pane menu Tap on the three dots on the right corn...

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  • payment report How to create Payment report

    In LMN Gro, you can use the payment report feature to have an accurate record of your payments received and help manage your cash flow. How to generate a Payment report Select Payments from the navigation p...

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  • What is LMN Pay?

    Check out our in-house Payments! LMN Pay is the next generation of LMN payment processing. LMN Pay is our custom-built payment processing tool which helps you easily streamline your business operations. LMN...

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  • LMN Pay credit card online payments ACH bank payments transaction fees LMN Pay Rates

    Introducing LMN Pay subscription-based Pricing Structure.  NOTE: LMN Pay is currently only available to US companies. The online payment feature is coming soon for Canadian customers. To let us know of your ...

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  • LMN Pay FAQs

    Listed below are a variety of frequently asked questions (FAQs).  If you have a question that remains unanswered, please feel free to email them to NOTE: LMN Pay is currently only available to...

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LMN Lend

  • What is LMN Lend?

    LMN Lend provides financial solutions to enable landscapers to grow and solve business challenges. Built in-app, Contractors can submit applications, and once approved funding can be available within 24-48 h...

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