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How do I create new templates in Estimate Builder?

Estimate builder templates will assist you in generating quick and consistent estimates. You can create new templates as well as customize the pre-loaded options on the app to meet your specific business needs.

Tip: We recommend that you build Service Templates of your most frequently offered services before creating your Estimate Builder templates. For information on this, check out our article "How to create a Service Template"

  1. Open Templates in the Navigation Pane
  2. Under the Templates section, select Estimate Builder
  3. Click on the +ESTIMATE BUILDER button
  4. Fill in the Estimate Builder info
    • Estimate Builder Template Name e.g. Lawn Maintenance (Small)
    • Work Area e.g. Whole property, back yard, patio etc.
    • Select how the work area will be sized
      • Measured: Select measure if your work area is measured in units e.g. Lawn- 50sq.ft
      • Counted:  Select counted if you plan to count the number of units e.g. the number of planting beds included 
      • None: Select none if plan to only use fixed price service options for this work area e.g. If you charge a standard price for small lawns of $50.00, you can select this option.
  5. Hit Next to proceed to the "Add Service Option in this Work Area screen"
  6.  In the Service field, you can select a service from your service templates or add a new service. Enter your service.
  7. In the Invoice Type field, you can select Fixed Price, Recurring or Per Visit
    • Fixed Price: This will be one price for the customers to pay for the service, an example would be an invoice of $5,000 to set patio pavers.
    • Recurring: If you select recurring, a recurring invoice will be generated either weekly or monthly for customers to pay for the service, for example, a recurring invoice of $55.00 a month for a lawn mowing service.
    • Per visit: This could be used when a visit has been completed at the job site, for example, a per visit invoice of $150/visit for beds maintenance.
    • Remember, there is no right or wrong way to set up the invoicing for your services. How you set up your invoicing for your services depends on your personal preference.
  8. Fill in your Description, No. of visits, and Unit price
  9. Hit Save
  10. This will bring you back to the Estimate Builder Info Screen. 


Adding Additional Services

  1. If you wish to add additional services to your template, you can do so by hitting the +Work Area button on the Estimate Builder Info screen.
  2. Fill in the name of the work area e.g. Bed Maintenance and how the area will be sized.
  3. Hit the +Service Option button to add in your services as you did previously.
  4. Hit Done to confirm your changes.




Adding Headers and Footers to Estimate Templates

You can add your Headers and Footers to your estimate template by creating it from scratch or by adjusting one of your Header and Footer templates. To set up your Headers and Footers, check out our article on "How to create a Header and Footer". To add your Header and Footer to your proposal see the steps below.

  1. On the Estimate Builder Info screen, hit +Header
  2. Choose to add your template from Scratch or to Use a template. 
  3. Hit Save
  4. You can hit the +Footer button and repeat the steps above.
  5. On the Estimate Builder info screen, hit SAVE  to complete your Estimate Builder template!

Copying Estimate Builder Templates

With Gro, you can make a copy of your existing templates and edit them to create new estimate templates even quicker. For example, we created a Lawn Maintenance (Small) template previously. If we wish to offer a Lawn Maintenance (Standard) package, we can do so by copying your old template and adding any additional Services and work areas. Let's see how to do this

  1. Click on an existing Estimate Builder Template
  2. Click on the Copy icon at the top right of the Estimate Builder Info screen
  3. Rename the template e.g. Lawn Maintenance (Standard)
  4. Customize your template by adding or deleting your work areas and services.
  5. Review your Header and Footer
  6. Hit Save to Complete. 









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