Report Export Timesheet How to create a Timesheet report

With the Gro app, you can conveniently export your timesheets to create reports in Excel/ CSV files.

  1. Select Timesheets from the Navigation Pane
  2. On the Timesheet Screen, click on the downward arrow at the top right-hand corner.
  3. You will land on the Export Timesheets to CSV page. Fill in the time period you wish to export.
  4. Check off which you would the reports you wish to generate e.g. Staff, Jobs
  5. Tap Export Files to complete.
  6. The files should now be successfully saved to the local mobile device folder!



Staff Reports

Your Staff Timesheet report will give you greater insight into the timesheet data for your staff members. On this report, you will be able to see your Staff, their ID, timesheet date and status, punch-in and out times, lunchtimes, and the total number of hours worked for the period.


Job Reports

Job reports will give you the details of the jobs you worked on for the reporting period. Here you will be able to see the job names, address, start time, end time, and the services completed. 






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