new timesheet How to create a new Timesheet

With the GRO app, you can easily create timesheets without going through the hassle of manually keeping track and entering everyone's hours on paper! The timesheets feature will allow you to 

    • Create fast timesheets you can enter on your phone from anywhere
    • Export timesheets to Excel to make payroll easy
    • Automatically generate invoices from timesheets to speed up billing and eliminate missed revenue

How to create a new Timesheet

Select the Timesheets button from the navigation menu pane.


  1. Tap the +Timesheet button
  2. This will take you to the Timesheet builder which will help you create your timesheet by asking a series of question prompts. Select the date you would like to create the timesheet for, your crew lead, punch-in and punch-out times, and breaks.
  3. Review and click Next to continue. If you need to edit any of your responses, tap the green pencil icon at the corner of your response boxes.  
  4. If the services are completed, select YES, else NO. This will also update the service on the Schedule tab and show them as completed.


This will take you to the Timesheet Info screen (See image below)

A.Tap +Staff  to add your staff (if any) and answer the prompts (similar to #3 above). You can also use the pencil icon to edit or the trash icon to remove the staff member.

B. Tap +Job to select the jobs and services completed for the date selected. 

C. Tap the three-dot menu button to pick the services performed on the job, add additional time, add any job notes or remove the job from the timesheet.

D. Once you are happy with the details you can tap on the status button to Approve the timesheet or leave the default Pending status.

E. Hit SAVE to confirm the changes above.





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