invoice payments How to add Payment info to an existing Invoice

How to update Payment Info to an Invoice

Once you have received payment from a customer you can add the payment information to their invoice and the balance will be instantly updated on the invoice. To add payment information to an existing invoice, follow the steps below

  1. Select Invoices from the Navigation Pane
  2. Tap on an existing Invoice to open the Invoice Info & Payment History screen
  3. Select the Payment History Tab & hit the +Payment button
  4. On the Payment Information screen, the Contact and Invoice will be pre-populated.
  5. Select the Status of the invoice from the dropdown box i.e. Paid, Pending, Refunded.
  6. Select the Payment Method i.e. Cash, Cheque, Online.
  7. Enter the Payment Total & the Payment Date
  8. Enter Additional notes and Transaction ID if applicable & hit Save to confirm.


You can now send the updated invoice to your client by tapping on the Invoice Info tab at the top of the screen (A), hitting the three-dot menu (B), and then selecting the send by email option (C).



Your client will receive the Invoice with an outstanding balance similar to the one below.





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