Invoice Recurring recurring invoice V.1.5 Product Release Notes

Welcome to Gro v1.5!

This release focuses on getting you paid faster and easier with many invoicing improvements!

  • Easily collect client payments with the new Bulk Recurring Invoice creation feature. Create a whole season’s worth of recurring invoices with just a few taps (Maintenance/service jobs only)
  • Quickly understand your client’s invoiced history with the newly added Invoice Update History
  • Save time with a simplified invoice update process
  • More than 78 other improvements and fixes are in this release!

Bulk Recurring Invoice Creation:

Easily collect client payments with our new bulk recurring invoice creation feature. Create a whole season’s worth of recurring invoices for multiple recurring jobs with just a few taps!

  • From your recurring maintenance job, begin by clicking the "+INVOICE" button at the bottom of the screen


  • From the 3 dot menu option, select "Invoice Recurring"


  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to get your recurring invoices created


  • Once the set up is completed and saved, you'll see a list of recurring invoices and their dates listed



View Recurring Invoice pattern details

  1. User can view recurring invoice details in the Estimate/Job: Invoices tab once recurring invoices are created via the "recurring invoice bot"
  2. Recurring Invoice details include
    • Created date / Last update date(s)
    • Updates history (see description below)
      1. Date
      2. Number of recurring invoices
      3. per Invoice amount including taxes
    • Number of recurring invoices generated by the current pattern
    • per Invoice amount (including tax)
    • Update recurring invoices button
  3. Created date in the Recurring Invoices details is displayed until the first update of recurring invoices.
    • If recurring invoices have been updated, the Last update date should be displayed instead of the Created date.
  4. Updates history is displayed if User updates recurring invoices at least one time.
  5. Number of recurring invoices and “per Invoice” amount should be displayed according to the latest updates of the recurring invoices pattern.



Now you can Update a recurring invoice schedule

  • User can recreate recurring invoices from the Recurring Invoices details via the “Update Recurring Invoices” bot.













View the history of recurring invoice schedule updates

  1. Updates history contains the dates of all recurring invoices pattern updates. Each time User recreates recurring invoices, the timestamp is displayed in the updates history.
    1. Date = update date
    2. Number of recurring invoices is the number of invoices generated via the recurring invoice pattern at the update date
    3. per Invoice amount is the total per each recurring invoice generated via that pattern
  2. User can open/hide updates history.
  3. User can remove timestamps from the updates history. Confirmation shall be displayed:



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