V.1.3- Product Release Notes

What’s New in Gro v1.3:
Summary of New Features:
  • Now you can simply copy an existing Estimate or Job instead of creating a new one. A great time saver!
  • Convenient action buttons like ‘Schedule Job’, ‘Invoice Job’ and ‘Mark as Complete’ have been added right into your job view to streamline your workflow.
  • Tread freely! LMN Gro now displays informative popup notifications when you step outside of your internet connection.
  • You can now enter a detailed description of up to 1000 words in the description box while building a new service template or when you are entering service info while building an estimate.
  • In the Timesheet creation bot, when asked the question "Add all scheduled services as complete?", you can now choose the response to 'Don't Add', if that is the case.


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